Special Education

Special education (known as special-needs education, aided education, exceptional education, alternative provision, exceptional student education, special ed., SDC, or SPED) is the practice of educating students in a way that accommodates their individual differences, disabilities, and special needs.

Special Education

What is called special education?

special education, also called special needs education, the education of children who differ socially, mentally, or physically from the average to such an extent that they require modifications of usual school practices.

Father of Special Education

Who is the father of special education?

Samuel Kirk is recognized for his accomplishments in the field of special education, while sometimes being referred to as the “Father of Special Education”. He began his teaching career at the Oaks School in Chicago in 1929, where he worked specifically with boys who were delinquent and had mental disabilities.

Role of Special Educator

What is the role of special education?

The special educator develops skills, concepts and behaviors related directly to the disability or challenges of students with additional requisites that should take place inside the school.

Special educators are responsible for developing Individual Education Plans (IEP) for their students in coordination with teachers and parents. They also ensure that all students with disabilities who qualify for accommodations in the classroom and on assessments receive them.