When you want to write something (like an article, letter, CV, etc) in the English Language, you will make sure that it is meaningful and error-free, but it’s obvious that you make a lot of mistakes in Grammar.

Grammar errors like spelling, prepositions, sentence structure & formation, etc are common while writing.

So as we know that every language has its own grammar, we are going to explain these 12 rules of Grammar to avoid those errors and write well.


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Rule 1: Every sentence should start with a Capital letter in the first word.

Rule 2: Every sentence should either end with a full stop (or) a question mark (or) an exclamation mark.

1) Full Stop/Period (.):

2) Question Mark (?):

3) Exclamation Mark (!):

Rule 3: Every sentence should have SVO (Subject – Verb – Object).

Rule 4: The Subject and Verb forms are interrelated in the sentence.

Rule 5: Use Either – or (or) Neither – nor depending on the Sentence while using singular nouns.

Either – or:

Neither – or:

Rule 6: Proper Nouns should be capitalized anywhere in the sentences (including at the beginning) when used.

Rule 7: Common Nouns should be capitalized only at the beginning of the sentences.

Rule 8: The words its – it’s, and you’re – your are not the same.

Rule 9: Use Indefinite Articles for Countable Nouns and Definite with specific Countable & all Uncountable Nouns.

Rule 10: Use the article β€œa” for Consonant sounds and β€œan” for vowel sounds.

Rule 11: Use Apostrophe to show Possessions.

Rule 12: Active voice is more preferred than Passive voice in the English Language.


1st Grade

Alphabetical Order

Vowels and Consonants

The Article (a, an)

The nouns - Name, Place, Animal and Thing - (Common & Proper)
One and many (Singular, Plural) - adding s & es

Am, is, are

was, were

has, have, had

Rhyming Words

Compound Words

Animal Homes

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

The Gender (Masculine & Feminine)

The Punctuation Marks (. ?)

Capitalization Rules (I)

This, that, these, those

The Verb (recognizing action verbs - conjugation)

Tenses - Past, Present & Future (basic)

Jumbled Sentences

Framing Questions

The Adjective (Find in the sentences)

The Opposites

The Pronoun (he, she, it - underline)

The Preposition (on, in, at) Picture Composition

The Connecting Words (Conjunctions) - and & or


Sentence Making

Picture Talk

5 Liners Paragraph

2nd Grade

Revision of Grade 1

Nouns (all kinds)

Capitalization Rules (in detail)

Punctuation (, ! ?)

Compound Words (more difficult)

Subject Verb Object

Subject and Predicate

Singular, Plural (y, f, fe)

Gender (all 4)

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Verbs (Fill in the blanks)

Adjectives -Β  Quality and Quantity

Tenses - Recognizing Tenses (Simple)

Conjunctions (and, or, but, because)

Prepositions (in detail)

Prefix Suffix

Pronouns (in detail - Substituting)

Adverbs (ly words - underline)


Picture Talk

Paragraph Writing

Dictionary Skills

Making Sentences

3rd & 4th Grade

Revision of 2nd Grade

Phrases and Sentences

Nouns (all kinds)

Articles (a, an, the)

Kinds of Pronouns

Kinds of Adjectives

Tenses - Simple and Continuous

Kinds of Sentences (4th Grade)


Essay Writing


Letter Writing (4th Grade)

Story Writing (4th Grade)

Dialogue Writing (4th Grade)

Simile (4th Grade)

5th Grade

Revision of 3rd and 4th

Kinds of Verbs

Question Tags

Tenses (Perfect)

Kinds of Adverbs



Adjectives (Degrees of Comparisons)

Essay Writing

Dialogue Writing

Story Writing

Letter Writing (formal)


Picture Description